HMS Indomitable

Lost on the infinite sea

I'm obsessed with:
- AoS, especially slash
- Les Misérables, especially Javert. Especially Valjean/Javert slash.
- Elisabeth, especially Lucheni, and Death/Rudolf pairing
- Billy Budd in any form (novel, opera, movie... yum yum)
- Don Giovanni
- Wagner's Ring and Tristan
- baritones
- basses (especially EVIL basses)
- Wagnerian singers
- Tolkien
- Norse mythology
- westerns, especially Sergio Leone and Sam Peckinpah
- samurai movies, especially Kurosawa
- Tarantino
- Monty Python
- Sweeney Todd _stage version_
- Dune
- Star Trek (*le sigh* Kirk/Spock. Need I say more?)
- Star Wars (Old Trilogy only)